Sass & Compass: Editing Initial config.rb

A coworker at work today pointed out something really peculiar with Sass development.

In short, the issue stemmed from a simple request:

Do you know how to configure compass globally? I know about editing config.rb, but it’s annoying to do the same edits with every project.

As someone who uses a GUI for generating, editing, and compiling my Sass/Compass projects, I had not considered that the need for what amounts to installation profiles for Sass.

Good News

The good news is that this solution exists. A user can configure their Compass environment to use a preset profile for new projects.

Bad News

Well, bad news is two-fold.

First, the solution is what I would coin as advanced compass configuration, if not overtly cumbersome. I can’t imagine a novice Sass/Compass user doing this without breaking into a full-blown panic attack.

Secondly, the alternative (hacking Compass’ default installation profile) is a hack-y way of delivering a fine-tuned configuration.


I Wonder

Now, I wonder if it would be possible to generate the solution in a script rather than having to endure either of these solutions. Having something like this available seems like it would really benefit the community.

Anyone else having issues creating ‘installation profiles’ for config.rb in their new compass/Sass projects?

Thanks Fletch for the topic idea.

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  1. I was looking at the same today.

    But as I have my own template (width html, css and js files) I’ve just created a compass project under this folder, I added/changed some variables and I will keep it as a template for further projects.

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