An Ode to Free Art Friday Atlanta (#fafatl)

When I moved to downtown Atlanta in 2012, I quickly immersed myself in the in-town atmosphere and environment that this wonderful city imbues. As part of my quest to learn more about my neighborhood identity, I came across two big name players in local art: maplanta and catlanta. Both follow a similar mindset: they build out small custom pieces of… Read more →

WordPress at Georgia Tech: A Primer

This is the first post in a series in developing a WordPress multisite CMS for Georgia Tech. To learn more, see the category tag associated with this post. I swore that I’d get a January post on here, and reiterated that false promise with February, but here we are in March 2015. 2015 has been a busy year so far, including… Read more →

Constructing a Sass Theme Template for Drupal

As part of my work at Georgia Tech, I have been commandeering an effort to bring Sass to Drupal themes across campus. After approximately two years of working with Sass, I believe I finally have a logical structure for a Drupal Sass theme. Most of this work came from lots of trial (and error). Main Structure At its heart, the… Read more →


Why I Gave Up on Sass GUIs

As an ardent supporter of Sass both in my professional work and private consulting and projects, it pains me to see the current state of Sass application GUIs. These applications fall into three categories, which I’ll go into shortly, all of which have shortfalls. The Newbie Application See Scout. A great application for those unfamiliar with settings files, configuration schemas,… Read more →

Light Fields in Instructional Design & Technology

The tech world was rocked by the surprise announcement today of Google’s sizable investment in Magic Leap, a virtual reality company with a flagship product akin to augmented reality. Their website is largely cryptic and nondescript, but a talk by one of their employees gives a good idea of their goal. Games and simulations will no longer be confined to a screen… Read more →

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Updated Presentations

The presentations page has been updated with the most recent presentations up to DrupalCamp Atlanta. My last two presentations this year are for USG’s Rock Eagle 2014 Summit. Read more →