Minecraft & Urban Design

Polygon’s April 22nd article, How Minecraft is helping the United Nations improve...

24th Apr

ADUG – May 2014 – Theming in Drupal Using Sass

For anyone interested in the primers of Sass development (in Drupal), I...

21st Apr

Heartbleed Isn’t a Matter of Open- and Closed-Source

The Heartbleed bug, a critical programming mistake made in OpenSSL, has generated...

12th Apr

Twitch Plays Pokemon: Collaborative Learning Opportunities with Video Game Streaming Services (VGSS)

At the April 2014 Georgia State University Graduate Instructional Technology Students (GrITS)...

11th Apr
Screen Shot 2014-04-11 at 3.48.08 PM

Adblock Rule (v2) to Disable LinkedIn ‘Add to Network’ Spam

Updating a post I wrote regarding adblocking LinkedIn connections from your address...

11th Apr

Sass & Compass: Editing Initial config.rb

A coworker at work today pointed out something really peculiar with Sass...

04th Apr